Tuesday, December 4, 2012

311 Request: Need crosswalk for children crossing from family housing to the grocery store. New Haven DOT response: We don't care.

This issue was open for a year, with six citizen votes to fix, then was suddenly closed and archived by the City because there is a crosswalk already in place at the next street intersection.  

In its response here, the City is essentially asking that the hundreds of residents living across the street from the market (who consider Franklin & Grand, or the market entrance drive & Grand, as their "intersection") shouldn't cross at their own nearby intersection to get there.  

The City is saying that, within a very high crime area, these persons should have to walk all the way down to the next street intersection, cross there, and then walk back along the blank facade of the market.  

This response is not acceptable - when every person is crossing at a location, then the appropriate infrastructure must be provided to make it safer for all road users.

For discussion of a similar issue at another nearby supermarket, click here