Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Safe and Complete Streets Act of 2011" introduced in Congress

Last month companion bills were introduced in both chambers of the US Congress, the stated purpose of which is "to ensure the safety of all users of the transportation system, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, children, older individuals, and individuals with disabilities, as they travel on and across federally funded streets and highways." Key provisions require states to effectuate either legislation or an "explicit" state DOT policy that (with apparent limited exception) "all transportation projects in the state shall accommodate the safety and convenience of all users in accordance with complete streets principles." See, H.R. 1780, available at No Connecticut legislator serves on either of the Senate or House committees to which the bills have been assigned.

While the Connecticut General Assembly's passage of our Complete Streets law in 2009 (codified at CGS sections 13a-153f and 13b-13a) has been recognized by the National Complete Streets Coalition as the nation's second strongest state law, the proposed national legislation appears even stronger. That is because unlike CT's law, it does not provide for the state or a municipality's exemption from Complete Streets implementation if "the accommodation of all users is not consistent with the state's or municipality's program of construction, maintenance or repair." Keep current with the national campaign to pass the US Safe and Complete Streets Act of 2011, by clicking on

- Courtesy Bike Walk Connecticut

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