Monday, February 7, 2011

Permanent Mid-Block Crosswalk Needed at End of Library Walk, on High Street at Yale Campus

Brian Tang's post on SeeClickFix details the issue, and his photo (copied here) shows a temporary measure that has worked very well to serve pedestrians in the area.

A similar issue concerning the need for mid-block crossings on the wide blocks surrounding Yale's undergraduate dormitories, in front of the Yale University Theater, may be found here:

A crosswalk is needed from the University Theater to the Library Walk. There is a mid block crosswalk on Temple Street, in front of the Omni Hotel (which has far fewer pedestrians than this area!), which could serve as a model. Doing this would require bumping out the curbs and removing some parking spaces, in order to increase the visibility of pedestrians.

A crosswalk would also help reduce speeding on the street. Cars currently travel through this area at very high speeds, putting pedestrians' lives at risk. It is surprising nothing has been done about the situation, considering the number of students who have been injured and the enormous numbers of pedestrians who cross York Street to get from one dormitory to the other.

A request for mid-block crossings like these should be submitted using one of the City's new "Complete Streets" forms. Please visit if you are interested in filling out a form, and contact us if you need assistance.

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