Monday, February 23, 2009

Denham Springs joins with 200+ other U.S. cities in installing red light cameras

City to use cameras at traffic lights, The Advocate, 2/24/09

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA — The City Council voted 4-1 Monday to have a company install cameras to photograph and fine speeders and people who run red lights.

Police Chief Jeff Wesley told the council the program should result in a “dramatic decrease in collisions at traffic lights.”

Although the council still must pass an ordinance that includes a schedule of fines, Wesley said he envisions a ticket for running a red light costing a driver $160. Redflex Traffic Systems, which will provide and maintain the equipment, will receive a portion of each fine collected, Charlie Buckels of Redflex told the council. “There’s no money out of the pocket of Denham Springs,” he said, adding that the city will decide where to place the cameras.

Durbin said the cameras will allow police to do things other than sitting at lights watching for violators.

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