Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Neighbors Complain about Dangerous Intersection

Residents feel that this dense urban neighborhood should have walkable, pedestrian-friendly streets with thriving local retail and schools that are easy to walk to: not speedways. Excerpt from http://www.wtnh.com/Global/story.asp?S=8934093:

New Haven (WTNH, September 1, 2008): Residents in a New Haven neighborhood say crashes have become all-too-common at one intersection, and they're looking for the city to fix the problem. A mangled fence is a reminder of the car that crashed just feet away from gas lines and landed inches from Temika Mitchell's apartment window Sunday night.

"I'm worried that it won't be the brick next time," Mitchell said. "It will go through the window. My kids' room is right here."

Folks living near Orchard and Henry say it's been one accident after another at this intersection. They blame it on speeders who ignore the traffic signals. After midnight these lights start blinking red in one direction, yellow in the other. Myra Smith believes those flashing lights make for a dangerous combination.

"So you have got going people who are just speeding full speed ahead, not knowing that there are cars coming this way and there is a straight strip going, and you got two people speeding and that's where our accidents come from," Smith said.

Alderman Katrina Jones, who represents this area, told News Channel 8 she is planning to discuss the issue with officials with Traffic and Parking to see what can be done about the blinking light to make that intersection safer.

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