Friday, June 27, 2008

Flashback to 2001: Deadly by Design

A report from 2001 below. Since the report was written, hundreds of Connecticut residents have died while walking in their communities, and tens of thousands of more have been injured. Most of these would be preventable through comprehensive policy and design changes. When is enough enough?


"According to the October 15th edition of Mobilizing the Region, "A report released last week by the Connecticut Bicycle Coalition finds that the Connecticut Department of Transportation spends almost none of the nearly $30 million it receives for safety-related construction projects from the federal government each year on traffic calming and pedestrian facilities. But pedestrians account for about 16% of traffic fatalities in the state each year."

"The report, 'DEADLY BY DESIGN,' analyzes ConnDOT traffic fatalities data, project lists, and funding sources. It finds that 50-60 CT pedestrians are killed each year. 67% are either children or senior citizens. But less than 2% of federal aid for traffic safety projects made to Connecticut between 1998-2000 was spent improving the pedestrian environment and reducing pedestrian fatalities. In fact, per fatality, ConnDOT spends more than 10 times as much on projects to promote safety for drivers and passengers of motor vehicles as it spends on pedestrians."

"The co-author of the report, David Hiller, Executive Director of the CT Bicycle Coalition, told the Hartford Advocate that most of the small amount of money spent on pedestrian safety pays for re-striping crosswalks and other minor modifications."

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